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Always A Good Night’s Sleep In Singapore With Our Mattresses

Getting a solid eight hours of rest is key to living a healthy, active lifestyle. Ensure that every sleep is rejuvenating and restorative by having the right mattress. A lumpy, old or poor-quality mattress can lead to pinched nerves, back problems, interrupted sleep and more.

Don’t go through your day half asleep and irritable because you tossed and turned all night; buy mattresses from a name that people across the city trust to deliver quality and comfort at an affordable price. Sofa and Bed has a huge range of mattresses to suit all lifestyles and beds, ensuring sweet dreams for you and your family.

Choose from a range of sizes, firmnesses and types

Whether your HDB flat only has room for a single or you’re looking for something to match the king-size bed you and your partner just bought, we have something for you. Choose from a range of standard sizes and designs to ensure you have the mattress most suitable for your body. From foam to latex to Bonnell and pocketed spring systems, our collection of products meets the needs of more people across the city. No one knows your body better than you do, so we’ve given you the choice you need to get the perfect mattress for you.

Our range also includes portable, foldable models ideal for when you’re out and travelling or putting a guest up for the night.

Complete your home with our mattresses and sofas

Sofa and Bed offers everything Singaporeans need to relax. Whether you’re sitting down to watch a movie with friends or heading to sleep at the end of a long day, our collection of fabric sofas and bed frames helps make your downtime so much more rewarding.

Order online today for fast delivery anywhere in Singapore. You can also contact us to learn more about our collection on (+65) 6715 7045 or send us a message via email to or through our contact pages.