Sleepy Night Classic Touch Pocketed Spring Mattress 12Inch

Spinal Orthopedic Pocketed Spring System Body Sensor SY Latex Spinal Support Influence of Bamboo Charcoal Unique Pillow Top High Dense VPF Rubbery-Tech Edge Protection Bottom Quilting With VPF Rubbery-Tech Heat Treated Stabilizer For Edge Support Heavy Duty Border Wire Heavy Duty Thermo Bonded Hard Felt Insulator Multi-Zone Comfort Touch Additional Support Free Gift: 2 x SN Lazy Pillow + 1 x Mattress Pad for King & Queen Size Free Gift: 1 x SN Lazy Pillow + 1 x Mattress Pad for Super Single & Single Size 12 Years Warranty on System Delivery Lead Time 8 To 15 Days
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As its name suggests, it is a definite classic piece of mattress from Sleepy Night. The positive influence of Bamboo Charcoal to our body during sleep is well known, and a plus point for this mattress. The unique Pillow Top with Spacer gives the extra breathability and allows you to have a extra comfort and coolness during your rest. Most importantly, the spring system and latex spinal support of this mattress provide excellent spinal care. Top Seller.


King ( 12'' )
L: 183cm W: 190cm H: 30.5cm

Queen ( 12'' )
L: 152cm W: 190cm H: 30.5cm

Super Single ( 12'' )
L: 107cm W: 190cm H: 30.5cm

Single ( 12'' )
L: 91cm W: 190cm H: 30.5cm

*All measurements are rounded off to the nearest inch or centimeter


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