Stylish, Elegant Sofas At Singapore’s Cheapest Prices

Nothing ties a lounge together quite like it. Sofa and Bed provides a range of sofas to suit every décor. Whether you’re a fan of sleek modernity and clean lines, or want the familiar warmth of traditional designs, our collection has something for you.

If you care about the look and utility of your lounge, you don’t want a cheap sofa. But that doesn’t mean spending thousands on a single piece of furniture. With our store, you get access to some of the most cutting edge styles from reputable designers without breaking the bank. If you’ve just moved out of home or you’re looking to refresh your look for less, ours is the perfect choice.

A range of materials and sizes to suit every space

Make your home truly your own. The very best interior decorations are a reflection of the owners, and offer guests a window into their inner lives. Say something interesting with your home with help from Sofa and Bed. Whether you want fun, carefree and colourful or serious, sophisticated and mature, our range has something to suit.

Choose from faux and genuine leather, a variety of fabrics and naked wooden looks, and have your pick of different shapes and sizes. Our range includes two-person loveseats, four-seater couches big enough for the whole family, L-shaped units that help define your space and 3+2 combo deals to fill out your home.

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Transform the way you decorate and furnish your space with help from Sofa and Bed. Our collection has been carefully hand-chosen from only the most reputable designers and manufacturers. Our priority is delivering quality of product in conjunction with a fantastic customer service, ensuring that everyone leaves our store smiling. Buy sofas or sofa beds from our collection and discover why we’re the favourite of home-owners and renters across Singapore.

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