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Best Latex Mattress of 2023 - An Overview and Benefits

Best Latex Mattress of 2023 - An Overview and Benefits

When it comes to choosing a mattress, there are many types of mattresses available in the market, and finding one could be not a piece of cake. So here I have gathered the details of one of the most demanded mattresses around the globe- Latex mattresses. So without wasting a minute, let’s jump in and get the answer to your all whats!

What is the History of Latex Mattresses?

Latex mattresses have a remarkable history that goes back over 90 years. In the 1900s Dunlopillo was the first who unleashes the full potential of latex mattresses. Dunlopillo has made the unforgettable revolution of latex by manufacturing a wide range of mattresses and pillows formed of 100% pure latex foam to introduce us to comfort and pressure relief sleep.

What is Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress is composed of two to four layers of latex foam. Latex is a natural material harvested from the milky white sap of rubber trees, ideal for manufacturing mattresses. In addition, Latex mattresses are popular because of their high durability, responsiveness, breathability and so on. 

Latex mattresses are widely known for being hypoallergenic and resistant to dust making them suitable for people with allergies. If you’re one of those who are searching for a comfortable supportive and long-lasting mattress; Latex Mattress is all you need. 

What is the Manufacturing Process of Latex Mattresses?

As I’ve mentioned earlier latex mattresses are composed of latex- obtained by milking the sap from rubber trees. That liquid latex is gathered by local people and then transported into drums to the specific location where it is used in manufacturing cushions, mattresses, etc. Although not all mattresses’ manufacturing process is the same. Some latex mattresses are entirely manufactured from 100% latex while others have a combination of latex and other materials. In addition, pure latex-made mattresses are known as natural/organic latex mattresses.

What are the Types of Latex Mattress?

There are several types of latex mattresses the following are the three main types of latex mattresses you may be aware of. 

Natural Latex Mattresses: 

Natural Latex is formed from the sap of rubber trees, it is white in colour and looks like a milky substance. Natural latex is found in the hevea brasiliensis rubber tree. However, trees are not cut down to get this substance, instead, they are just tapped down. In addition, one rubber tree generates around 19-20 pounds of latex yearly and each tree can continue to produce latex for upto 25 years. Overall, the whole process of harvesting natural latex is completely sustainable and environment-friendly. 

Additionally, Hevea Brasiliensis rubber trees are so hard in nature, they can grow without using any type of toxic pesticides and herbicides. However, the production creates minimal pollution that will not affect the ecosystem surrounding the trees. Hence, The natural latex mattress is a healthier, non-toxic sleep surface option.

Moreover, if we go in depth there are two subtypes of natural latex mattresses; Dunlop latex mattresses & Talalay latex mattresses. 

Dunlop Latex Mattresses:

When it comes to Dunlop latex mattresses, the manufacturer pours 100% pure liquid latex into the mould and then places it in a vulcanization oven. With the help of zinc oxide and heat, vulcanization ovens transform the liquid latex into solid pieces. Once the vulcanisation process is finished, the foam is eliminated from the mould, washed with fresh water, and dried. There is a greater density in Dunlop latex mattresses than in Talalay mattresses

Talalay Latex Mattresses: 

Same to Dunlop latex, the Talalay latex is first poured into the mould but half-filled, then it is sealed and a vacuum is used to make it fluffy until it fully fills the mould. As soon as the mould is filled, it is placed in the freezer and carbon dioxide is injected into the rubber to create a gel-like texture, which hardens with heat and is removed from the mould. Talalay latex mattresses are softer and more buoyant than Dunlop latex mattresses.

Synthetic Latex Mattresses: 

Synthetic latex mattresses are composed of synthetic latex; it is made with various materials and chemicals to produce a product that seems like a natural latex mattress. However, the manufacturing process of synthetic latex mattresses is quite similar to Dunlop and Talalay Latex Mattresses. 

Moreover, in synthetic latex mattresses, latex comes from SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) - Synthetic rubber used widely in products. SBR is usually safe for human contact, but somehow it contains chemicals like off-gassing gas that is prone to irritate eyes, lungs, skin and so on. Hence it is better to purchase natural latex mattresses instead of choosing low-quality & cheap synthetic mattresses.

Blended Latex Mattresses: 

Blended latex mattresses are made up of blended latex- made with a mix of natural latex and other synthetic substances even natural filler like clay. However, these factors reduce the price of blended latex mattresses and make natural latex mattresses more expensive than blended & synthetic latex mattresses. 

Moreover, since a blended latex mattress is a mix-up of natural latex it is not considered a natural latex mattress. As a rule, a natural latex mattress has at least 95-95% natural latex, while a blended latex mattress has about 70-75% natural latex and 30% fillers. 

Natural vs Synthetic vs Blended Mattresses:

In conclusion, natural latex mattresses have a number of benefits as well as long shelf life compared to synthetic and blended latex mattresses, so investing money in natural mattresses is completely worth it.

What are the Benefits of Latex Mattresses?

There are several types of latex mattresses available in the market and choosing natural latex mattresses over others will never make a wrong decision. The following are the noteworthy benefits of latex mattresses you should definitely note down. 

Pain Relief:

We all had once complained of back pain and stiff neck because of a mattress, however now no more complaints; natural latex mattress has covered you. The main benefit of latex mattresses is that they are naturally firm, which results in better lumbar support, thereby reducing pain and pressure.

Breathability Properties:

The other latex mattress benefit is it offers breathable cooling properties, which make it suitable for all weather conditions. No matter how hot or cold the body is, the natural latex mattress foam circulates the air and heat in accordance with temperature, so there are no longer any sleepless nights with sweaty palms.

Great Durability: 

When it comes to choosing the mattress, durability matters the most and the best latex mattress wins over other mattresses.  In contrast to other typical spring mattresses, which lose their bounce after a few years, good quality latex mattresses typically have a warranty for at least 8 to 10 years. The best latex mattress does not just have a long shelf life but also maintains all its properties.


One of the main benefits of latex mattresses is that they require less upkeep, as we all know that most mattresses attract dust mites, bedbugs, and other allergens. Natural latex mattresses resist all and won’t dampen compared to other regular mattresses, the best latex mattress only needs a little cleaning to maintain good hygiene.


It is important to keep in mind that the best latex mattresses like natural ones are ideal for allergy-friendly people. As hypoallergenic is the main latex mattress benefit, it will naturally resist all the allergens that can be found in the air, resulting in a fresh and healthy sleep environment.

Classic Finishing:

In addition to offering all the valuable latex mattress benefits, the best latex mattress never fails to give a lavish appeal. In addition to its plush feel, the latex mattress has a sleek, modern look that makes it an outstanding addition to any bedroom. 

Cosy Comfort Zone:

The best latex mattress like natural offers a relaxing and comfortable nap after having a hectic day.  Natural latex mattresses provide several latex mattress benefits, including bounciness, springiness, spinal alignment, and perfect body weight support. This results in deep sleep throughout the night.

Environment Friendly: 

As another latex mattress benefit, latex mattresses have ecologically beneficial and sustainable properties. Since the rubber trees are just tapped to collect latex liquid instead of being cut down, the whole process is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What is the Shelf Life of a Latex Mattress?

The best latex mattresses usually have a long span of life but it majorly relies on the quality of the mattress, its way of use, maintenance, etc. In spite of this, a standard quality latex mattress can last 20 years or more, as long as it is maintained and cared for properly. However, blended latex mattresses or synthetic latex mattresses have an average shelf life of 8-10 years. Thus, if you are not on a tight budget, then you should definitely opt for natural latex mattresses and relish the best latex mattress benefits.

What are the Certifications of Natural Latex Mattresses?

When buying natural latex mattresses make sure to check certification. Certification labels are proof that the latex mattress you’ve picked is genuinely the best latex mattress that has passed stringent tests and adheres to specific international standards. However, these certificates are not that easy to get and if you’re getting one, you can ensure the brand is reliable and you’re purchasing the right product. The following are some widely known certifications you should check while selecting a latex mattress for your space.

  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS
  • Eurolatex Eco Standard
  • Oeko-tex Standard 100 

What are the Weights & Sizes of Latex Mattresses?

The weight and size of the best latex mattress are determined by a number of factors, including the type of mattress you are adding to your cart, the density and firmness of the mattress, and so forth. The following table will give you an idea of the commonly available mattress sizes in Singapore.

Sr .no

Name of Mattress Size




3ft x 75 inches


Super Single

  3.5ft x 75 inches



 5ft x 75 inches



  6ft x 75 inches

What Type of Latex Mattress Should I Choose?

What latex mattress should I choose? I know which one is best for you, depending on the type of sleeper you are. Here’s a quick guide to know how a latex mattress is a perfect match for you. 

Back Sleepers: 

As a back sleeper, you may need a firmer sleep base that offers proper pressure relief properties and supports the S-shape of the body during sleep without disrupting you from watching dreams. The best latex mattress is ideal for a back sleeper like you.

Stomach Sleepers:

Same as back sleepers, stomach sleepers also require more pressure support than body contour, that’s why they are complaining about spine misalignments but with the bouncy and firmer feel of the best latex mattress, stomach sleepers can meet their support needs.

Side Sleepers:

Since side sleepers are more likely to transfer pressure to their shoulders and hips when they are laying on their backs or side, they will need a mattress with more body contours and a firmer feel; a medium-firm to soft latex mattress is ideal for side sleepers.

What are the “Must Checked Points” for Latex Mattresses?

When adding a latex mattress to your make sure to mark all the points, the following are must-have points to ensure a successful purchase of the best latex mattresses for your bedroom. 

  • Select the right type of latex mattress.
  • Examine the firmness level of the latex mattress.
  • Check for sufficient pinholes that improve the ventilation level.
  • Look out for certifications and international standards.
  • Last but not least, get a warranty that lasts at least 10 years.

What’s in the Conclusion: 

As you now have a better understanding of latex mattresses, we hope the above guide helps you in your search for a suitable latex mattress for yourself. Whether you are seeking a natural latex mattress or a pocket spring latex mattress, your search ends here at So, without further ado, get the best latex mattresses to enjoy sweet dreams and uninterrupted sleep.



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